Hack Monet

Powerful driving rock with soaring vocal harmonies and tasty guitar breakdowns.

LUKE GERMAIN - VOCALS, GUITAR Gentleman extraordinaire deep in the groove of society and the doldrums of the daily grind. JOHN HARTCORN - BASS, VOX After hearing " She Loves You " I decided to switch career goals from center field for the Yankees to playing in a rock and roll band. By the time of punk movement, I had the startling realization that one could really play your own music. So I packed up my gear and moved to Boston and eventually wound up in " The Neighborhoods" during that heyday. When that band broke up , I joined "Primary Colors" which lead to owning and operating Syntex Recording Studios. Leaving that all behind for quite a while, a chance meeting with Luke developed in to this band, where I feel lucky to have found 3 other mates I completely enjoy playing with. DAN KARP - GUITAR The first music that grabbed me was the Beatles “When I’m Sixty Four”. After that I was hooked on not just rock and roll but pretty much all music. After a brief stint on the viola I settled on the guitar in my teens and have been at it ever since. I’ve played classic rock covers in rural Vermont, hardcore punk in New York’s East Village and more recently original music in The Berkshires with Kelly Hagan and Bell Engine. In April of 2014 I connected with Luke, John and Dana and Hack Monet was born. Original music is what we’re all about. DANA DELAROSA - DRUMS, VOCALS I began playing drums at age 7 in Walden, New York in the beautiful Hudson Valley!! I moved to Long Island after high school and started my career playing original rock venues in Long Island and NYC throughout the 80's 90's and 2000's. My 80's band - Brau Beat toured Canada as opener for Butthole Surfers We also opened for Zen Tricksters, Blues Traveler and Spin Doctors in NYC. During the late 90's and early 2000's my band SevenDaze opened for such luminaries as Foreigner, Asia, Toto, Edgar Winter and Slaughter. The BIG TIME alluded me but as I mellowed into my 50's I moved to the Berkshire area and have been fortunate to meet some of the best musicians I have ever played with in the HACK MONET. Every gig shows our tightness and with every new song i hear our bright future. We are easily the loudest and hardest rockin' band in this beautiful land full of banjos and mandolins....( I love acoustic music) So, Come check us out!!!

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Brick house pub, Housatonic, MA

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